Circle Time – New Pattern Spring 2020

Circle Time is our newest release featuring the Everyday Curve.

Circle Time Featuring Hindsight by Anna Marie Horner (Free Spirit Fabrics).

We fussy cut the arcs that create the circle. This was the best way to feature the AMH fabric. She likes to design beautiful, bold motifs that sometimes are tricky to work with because you don’t want to cut them up. Fussy cutting lets you showcase the main part of each motif that you want to use. For this pattern, you need 4 repeats of each desired motif or area of the fabric you want to highlight.

They turned out perfectly!

For the centers, large hour glass units (quarter-square triangles) feature even more prints. Each large triangle can be a different fabric, or just two. If you have a large motif you don’t want to cut up, make a half-square triangle unit instead. The pattern is designed to make the most of the fabric you choose to use!

Close-up of one block.
Circle Time featuring Hindsight by AMH. (Version 2)

This version also features AMH’s Hindsight. One of our pattern testers, Sue Tuttle, made it. She didn’t fussy cut the arcs, but did a little bit in the hourglass units. Look at those butterflies! It would be a shame to cut them up!

Circle Time featuring Kismet by by Valori Wells (Free Spirit Fabrics)

This version is completely different from the previous ones. There is just a smidge of fussy cutting to feature the large elephant motifs, but it was largely cut off the bolt making it sew up fast. The arcs are made of only two fabrics. The placement was strategic to force your eye to travel the whole quilt. See how the darker arcs form almost an S? If you just concentrate on those blocks, your eye automatically travels along the entire quilt. This is a good trick for block placement if you have a lopsided amount of one color or print.

Circle Time featuring The Blue One by Marcia Durst. (Windham Fabrics)

This one is just plain fun! Made with a cream print background, it has a more traditional feel to it. The prints are relatively low-contrast, so they look more cohesive and blendy.

Circle Time featuring scraps in solids.

Look how different Circle Time looks in solids!? It’s fun to play with different fabrics and colorways when making just one pattern. It’s hard sometimes to think outside the box, but this pattern is certainly diverse!

If you’re interested in making Circle Time, click here to purchase the paper pattern, or here to purchase the instant downloadable version. Circle Time uses the Everyday Curve Template Set, which is sold separately here. The acrylic Template Set makes the sewing so much faster and accurate AND you can use it in multiple Everyday Curve patterns. (Note: If you prefer to make your own templates, diagrams are included in each Everyday Curve patterns to do so.)

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