Just Plane Awesome – The Up and Away Quilt

Here she is, our last release of 2020! It’s been such an insane year (for everyone), several of our Spring releases were pushed back to Fall 2020, and this is the last of those. 

Jenifer’s notes on Up and Away: This quilt is inspired by my son who just graduated with an aerospace engineering degree. He has always loved airplanes and is incredibly passionate about talking about them! He had to have an airplane quilt for graduation!

Up and Away is a 60″ x 87″ throw quilt, but you can add or subtract blocks as you want until you get to the right size for you. The pattern includes yardage specs to make the quilt as shown here and just a single block, so you can make as many as you want or as scrappy as you want.

Thoughts on the Up and Away Design

I had a boy (man?) in mind for this quilt, but obviously girls can like airplanes too. Use any color combinations that are appropriate for your intended recipient. And something I hadn’t thought of . . . one of our pattern testers made it for her Air Force veteran husband! And wouldn’t this be an awesome Quilt of Valor? 

Construction is very simple and uses some paper-piecing to get those wings just right. The angles of the wings are not standard quilter’s angles, so it was easier to paper piece them. They are then joined to regularly cut pieces to finish the plane. It’s very easy paper-piecing – even for a beginner!

We wanted to add a lot of color to the quilt, not just a blue “sky” background. That’s why some of the skies are green and orange! If this doesn’t fit your sensibility for this quilt, make the backgrounds any color you like!

The planes, complete with contrail, are very controlled for this quilt, but it easily could be scrappy. For some reason, plaids (maybe flannels!) come to mind when I think about this being scrappy. That is a version I’d like to see! This version is made with Coco by Michael Miller Fabrics. It’s a great line that reads as solids with a little texture and has a lot of colors making it work for almost any quilt!

The Puppy Outtakes!

Taking interesting close-ups of a quilt takes on a new dimension when you have a puppy in the house! We thought you might want to see the mischief one 9 lb. puppy can get into!

Order Up and Away paper pattern here.
Order Up and Away PDF download here.