Tinsel Tree for Plum Pudding Blog Tour

We’re happy to tell you about Plum Pudding from Island Batik, the second signature line from Sherry Shish. She put a call out for designers to create a quilt using this amazing batik line and we said yes! We created Tinsel Tree, our favorite (so far) Christmas quilt using this line. Although purple isn’t necessarily the first color you think of when you think of holiday decorating, we think the purples and soft grays add a touch of elegance to the quilt.

Tinsel Tree featuring Plum Pudding from Island Batik.
We were drawn to the range of not only color, but values as well. A nice variety of darks and lights will make Tinsel Tree shine!
Tinsel Tree is make almost exclusively of 60-degree triangles. We like using our Creative Grids 60-degree Equilateral Triangle ruler to make these. Having the right tools makes cutting faster and easier. (Plus more satisfying because you know they’ll be accurate!)
The blunted tip helps align the triangles perfectly when sewing – your 1/4″ seam allowance is guaranteed!
Here’s all the triangles and half triangles cut and ready to be sewn.
Before we get to sewing, it’s time to play on the design wall. This is a quilt that really benefits from being able to lay everything out so you can see what you’re doing. The background makes this quilt special, so paying attention to the triangle placement is important.
In order to make the Tree pop, we placed the darkest of the purples where the light tree branches will be.
From there, we feathered out the lights so they won’t interfere with the tree and ornaments. Some lights are sprinkled into the darks so there’s not a hard edge dividing the quilt too bluntly.
There! That’s the background layout that works!
Skipping ahead a few steps, the tree and ornaments are added and everything is sewn. The light/dark background really reminds us of a mountain scene, especially with the fun motifs of the fabric.
Christmas decor is so fun with unexpected colorways!

To purchase Tinsel Tree, go to our shop or click here.

Plum Pudding is in stores now. To find your closest quilt shop that carries Island Batik, check out the Store Locator here.

Be sure to visit all of these amazingly talented quilters and designers to see their beautiful Plum Pudding projects! Then join us after the tour on Instagram for opportunities to win great prizes!

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  1. How refreshing!!!! Red & Green is overdone during the holidays….You gals have triumphed again with this inspiring project….It sure opens my eyes to trying different , unusual color themes. Congratulations. BJB

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