Newport Sails Quilt Along Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of the Newport Sails Quilt Along! This week we finish up the boats.

We all love seeing your progress, so don’t forget to post pictures of your fleet on Instagram using the hashtag #NewportSailsQAL2021 so we can all see your beautiful quilt!

Week 3: Boats

This week we’re finishing the boats. Since we’ve already made the sails, this will go fast! Next week, we’ll do the waves.

H/I Pieces:  Cut out the remaining two pieces that make up the boat, which are the H and I pieces.

Piece I and G: This is the only unit left to piece before assembling the block. Follow the pattern and see this week’s video for more on how to do this. Then sew to the F rectangle to finish the bottom part of the block.

Focal Sail J/D: Before piecing, make sure these units are trimmed to 6″ x 9-1/4″ (cut from the top). In last week’s video we accidentally said you only trim the width to 6″, but you also have to trim the height to 9-1/4″.

Finishing: Now you are ready to join the small and medium sails to each other and to the C rectangle. Once pieced, you can complete the block. Finish up all your blocks and you’ll be ready for next week!

Weekly Video Tutorials

To see this week’s video with more details about cutting and sewing the sails, click here. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notifications every time we post a new tutorial.

Our QAL Progress

We are making the Newport Sails quilt along with you! Each week we’ll chronicle our progress and tell you things we’ve learned along the way.

Jenifer’s Quilt

Finishing the boats was so fun! Even without the waves, they are so cute. And the best thing about them is none of the units line up to each other, so the only thing you have to get right is the final size. Talk about low stress!

Trisch’s Quilt

I have an armada!

My boats are done! I am making the wallhanging, so I only needed 8 boats. I just love how nothing needs to match up on these blocks. It makes them so quick to put together. And that stripe, I think it’s just perfect.

Winner! Winner!

Congratulations to @chawkinsrn! Chris won the Baby Love quilt kit (shown above) last week!

How to Enter Week 3 Giveaway

This week we have another great giveaway! (Remember, this is for US residents. If you are outside the US, you’ll get a free pdf download from our pattern catalog – or you can pay shipping if you prefer the prize.)

To enter, post a picture of your progress so far – even if it’s just your fabric pull! 

We know that everyone works at their own pace, but we don’t want that to limit your eligibility to enter the contest! So show us what you’ve got! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #NewportSailsQAL2021 so we can all see!

The drawing will be Thursday, September 16. This is a quick turnaround so don’t put off posting!

We’ll draw a random winner during the Instagram Live session at 3 p.m. central. Winners will be notified by direct message on IG.

Pattern Clarifications

Newport Sails was our very first Everyday Curve pattern. Since then we have learned a lot about writing these patterns. Although there are no errors in the pattern you have, there are things that need to be clarified. Those are outlined here. 

We’re addressing this today because we know there are some of you who will want to work ahead, which is ok. We just want you to have the info before you cut. We’ll mention these again each week as necessary.

The Template Diagrams p. 6-7. The printer we used at that time couldn’t line up the templates across two pages so we had to break them out awkwardly. If you’re making templates, be sure to trace them joined up at the hash marks.

Fabric Requirements. For the wall hanging, you need 1-1/2 yards for the Background/Sky, NOT 2-1/2 as stated.

Cutting Half Blocks p. 2. The cutting chart is a bit awkward for cutting half blocks. The top measurement is for cutting the top row half blocks and the bottom measurement is for cutting the the rest of the half blocks. 

There are no half blocks on the top row for the wall hanging and 1 each for the lap and throw sizes. There are 2 other half blocks for the wall hanging, 3 for the lap, and 4 for the throw.

Cutting the Left-Facing and Right-Facing Blocks. The sailboats are both right facing and left facing, with more facing right. 

To get the left-facing blocks, just place your fabric wrong side up and cut at the same time as the right-facing blocks, which are cut right side up.