Courtyard Quilt Along – Week 1

Hello Everyday Quilters!

Welcome to Week 1 of the Courtyard Quilt Along 2022! We’re going to have a lot of fun making this quilt together!

If this is your first quilt along with us, we’re so glad you’re here. We have lots of things planned for the next five weeks. And welcome back if you have quilted along with us before. We’ve changed some things this time around so be sure to read through this email to get all the info so you don’t miss anything!

Instead of hosting the QAL through Instagram using hashtags to communicate, we created a Facebook group. When you join the group, you’ll have access to everything in one place – no need to search hashtags. Plus you can post anytime you like showing us your fabric selections, progress, or ask questions.

Click here to join the Everyday Stitches Courtyard Quilt Along 2022 group.

Courtyard (64″ x 85″) The bordered version.
Courtyard (64″ x 85″) The scrappy version
Courtyard (64″ x 85″) The checkerboard version.

Week 1: Cutting

This week we’re cutting the curves. If this is the first time you’ve used the Everyday Curve Template set, don’t be intimidated! This is cutting different from any you’ve ever done, but the instruction and diagrams in the pattern are very clear. Plus we have a video tutorial to walk you through it – seeing is understanding!

Large Petals These are the focal point of the block and the first thing you notice about this quilt.
Large Corner Arcs These make up the center of the block and are the most curved.
Small Corner Arcs These are the outer corners of the blocks and have a more subtle curve giving a unique spin to block.

A note about working ahead. We know there are some of you who enjoy the quilt along community, but want to work ahead of the weekly prompts. We are completely ok with that! This is for fun and not meant to be stressful in any way! Just keep in mind that cutting and sewing the curves are the most important part of this quilt. Next week we have some great information about sewing that we’d hate for you to miss before you tackle your own. So if you want to work ahead this week, cut out the rest of the quilt rather than start sewing. Then next week, work at any pace you choose!

Weekly Video Tutorials

As in past quilt alongs, we have weekly videos that walk you through each step of the pattern. The videos will be on our YouTube channel and the link will be posted in the blog post. If you subscribe to our YouTube channel, you’ll get notifications every time we post a new tutorial. We do lots of tutorials other than the quilt alongs with more being added all the time.

The tutorials focus on the scrappy version but if you’re doing one of the other versions, the information is the same, you’ll just have to pay more attention to fabric placement. For the bordered version, determine your fabrics and follow the pattern. For the checkerboard version, it’s a good idea to make a mock up using the coloring sheet found on the Facebook group. Look at the top of the page under the Featured tab to find a link.

Click here to see the Week 1 video. 

Weekly Facebook Live Q&A:

If you don’t know, each week on Fridays we host a Facebook Live Q&A Session (11 a.m. CST) if you need just a little more help or clarification on anything at all – or maybe you just want to spend some time with like-minded quilters. You can submit questions ahead of time here or post them during the live session. During the Q&As we’ll show you other versions of Courtyard we’ve made, share some tips and hints, answer your questions and yes, we have giveaways!

Don’t worry if you can’t make the live session. We’ll post it to the Facebook group after so you can watch it whenever you have time. We hope to see you this Friday for our first one!


Each week we’ll give away a prize. You enter by using the prompt found in the blog post. This week we’re giving away one pdf download from our entire pattern catalog! To enter, post a picture of your rotary cutter and tell us how long you’ve been quilting.

The prize winner will be announced this Friday, March 25. This is a quick turnaround so don’t put off posting! Winners will be notified by direct message and don’t have to be on the Live Q&A session to win.


Week 1 – Cutting the Curves. Learn how to use the templates to make perfect curved cuts
Week 2 – Sewing the Curves. All our tips and hints to make your curve piecing perfect!
Week 3 – Sewing the Blocks. Piece the blocks
Week 4 – Assembling the Top. Putting it all together
Week 5 – Quilting and Finishing. Top assembly and binding tips

Our QAL Progress:

We are making Courtyard with you! Each week we’ll chronicle our progress and tell you things we learned along the way. Unlike previous quilt alongs, we’re making one quilt together using this luscious Anna Maria Horner fabric line, Made My Day! We’re making the scrappy version to take advantage of these wild and crazy prints and colorways!

Made My Day by AMH
Cutting has just begun!

There’s still time to join in on the fun!

This is just week one, so there’s plenty of time to get your pattern, template set and fabric! Purchase the pattern here and Everyday Curve Template Set here. You have the choice of getting the booklet version or the pdf download. (We have 12 additional patterns – plus a free pattern – that use the template set so it’s not a one-and-done purchase.)

Fabric: Anything goes with fabric selection! For a controlled palette, consider the original version – just 6 fabrics are needed. If you have a playful side, novelty fabrics can really make the scrappy version so unexpected! The checkerboard version is for those who like a block-based aesthetic!

Fabric requirements for the original version are shown above. If you’re doing the scrappy or checkerboard versions, the requirements are listed in the Courtyard Web Extras page on our website

And don’t forget to join the Everyday Stitches Courtyard Quilt Along 2022 group. We’ll see you there!