We’re Cruisin’ to Bermuda!

We are so exited to tell you about our next big adventure! We are going on a cruise – a quilting cruise! And we want to invite you to come along!

We are developing a quilt expressly for the cruise. All we can tell you now is that it will use our NEW template set (What did they say!?and it will reflect our stop in Bermuda!

We’ll have much more on the cruise and the exclusive project in the months to come. Mark your calendars and start saving up so you can join us on the high seas in 2023!

Who: Trisch Price and Jenifer Dick from Everyday Stitches
Cruise in Stitches quilting cruise
Where: Bermuda, Charleston, Newport, and Martha’s Vineyard
May 25-June 4, 2023

Click here for all the cruise information.

More info about the quilt and more will be updated here soon!

Click here for all the cruise information.