Everyday Curve Templates are the Secret to Curve Piecing

Back in 2019 we had a vision to make a sailboat quilt. Odd really because we are both from the midwest and not near any large bodies of water! Trisch said we could do it, but the sail had to be curved. Right then, I said, “I’m out! I don’t do curves!” But Trisch, never being one to back down from a challenge, said “Let me give it a try before we write off this idea.”

And that was the beginning of it all!

The one that started it all!
Newport Sails (43″ x 67″)

Since then, we developed our curve piecing method using 2 different sized template sets and 16 companion patterns, including a free pattern – Chinese Lanterns – which comes with the original template set. Two (or more!) new patterns are slated to come out in 2024.

The Original Everyday Curve Template Set
The Everyday Curve Jr Template Set for making smaller blocks and baby quilts.

All the patterns are developed with the quiltmaker in mind. We want you to have a fun, stress free experience when making the Everyday Curve quilts!

The Original Everyday Curve Template Set and Reflections.

The Original Everyday Curve Templates: This is our first Template – the one that taught us all about curved piecing! We have 15 patterns that use the Original Set. You can see all 15 below.

The Everyday Curve Jr. Templates. This is the newest addition to our template family. Just released last year, we currently we have three patterns – Nestle, Honey Blossom, and Windy City – that use the Jr Templates.

Windy City – Use the original template to make the throw size or use the Jr. set to make the baby size.
Honey Blossom – Use the Jr. set to make both the baby and throw size.
Nestle – Use both sets to make this beautiful modern masterpiece!

See all 17 Everyday Curve quilts below.

Want to know more?

  • Both sizes of templates include seam allowance ensuring your blocks will press flat after piecing.
  • Cutting with the templates is easy enough for beginners to use and satisfying enough for experienced quilters. 
  • The unique, gentle curve is distinctive and versatile – no two patterns look alike, but all are stunning.
  • Both Everyday Curve Template Set comes in a zipper bag for easy storage. The sets includes 2 acrylic templates, general instructions and the Original Set comes with the Chinese Lanterns quilt pattern. In addition, we’ve included a 1/4” wide vinyl adhesive strip to make those 1/4” seams a breeze! Don’t throw it out!

Helpful Links:

Everyday Curve Template Set
Everyday Curve Jr. Template Set
Everyday Curve Patterns
Our YouTube Channel. We have tutorials and Quilt along videos that give step-by-step instructions for Gateway, Newport Sails, and Courtyard. You can also find additional How To’s and Tutorials there.

Here’s all the patterns now available (February 2024). Two more are coming this Spring with even more this Fall!

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