We didn’t make it to QuiltCon, but Nestle did! Were you able to be there? Are you curious about the full Nestle story? Ready to make your own version?  Well, here goes!


Nestle is one of our most recent Everyday Curve patterns and it was inspired by my mom’s set of vintage Pyrex mixing bowls. Sadly, there are only 3 left, however, that does not lessen the competition amongst myself and my three sisters every Thanksgiving and Christmas to see who can get their mitts on their favorite bowl to use while we cook-up-a-storm in the kitchen.

I’m sure it is not hard to make the jump from the stack of bowls to the Nestle block. I quilted every block the same, adding a floral motif to fit the bowls and the background I quilted to give the idea of a tile floor. Fact Check: I’m not sure that we ever had a tile kitchen floor, my mom’s current home does not; but growing up in the Air Force and living in base housing, I am sure we had tile flooring in a few houses!

The original layout for Nestle uses two fat quarters per block, one for the bowls and one for the background. You can also make the background a single fabric; checkerboard the backgrounds; mix up the bowls … so many options, we likely have not thought of them all. We can’t wait to see what you do with our pattern!

Left: Sugar Cone by Kimberly Kight for Ruby Star Society
Right: Make My Day by Anna Maria Horner for FreeSpirit Fabrics

Using ocean-y fabrics, like this Timeless Treasure’s Electric Ocean, I start to see jelly fish! You could even add some blank blocks to give those jelly fish some room to move around and add some ocean motifs through quilting or fabric selection. So many possibilities!

You can play with the block rotation! If you prefer perfectly stacked bowls, this is the layout for you! Want the vintage look? Anything by Melody Miller works – this one uses Rise and Shine by Melody for Ruby Star Society.

Another block rotations alternative: radio waves. Or maybe you see spaceships – I see both! This version is made using Etch by Anthology Fabrics.

It might look like you need to use five different templates to get the varying bowl sizes, but we have used a trick, so you only need two:

  • The Original Everyday Curve Template Set
  • The Everyday Day Curve Junior. 

Don’t worry, we have plenty of quilts that use both of these template sets either together or separately, so they are not a one-pattern-only template set.