How I Quilt(ed) That – Spin Class

We are starting a new feature on our blog to address how we quilt our quilts. First up, one of our latest patterns, Spin Class. We have made many versions of Spin Class, this one features fabrics from Ruby Star Society’s Basics Collection.

Spin Class by Everyday Stitches with Ruby Star Society Basics
Spin Class – Background Quilting

For the background, we wanted something simple and linear; we didn’t want a design that would call attention away from the primary design elements of the quilt. We went with a plaid-ish design. Nothing is perfect about it (just the way we like our quilting to be), the spacing varies, the number of lines vary and the exactness of the linear-ness varies. We did not use any rulers for this which allows the lines to be more organic.

The curved pieces are filled with a modified feather design. This motif originates at the base of the arc starting with the inner loop of the feather followed by the larger loop. The next feather feeds off the first and continues in the opposite direction.

For the sashing (the gold fabric), we wanted to accentuate the lines on the fabric, so the quilting is a linear design. We didn’t want to use long, continuous lines; instead opting to make some squared-off u-turns at random lengths.

The cornerstone areas are filled using a continuous curve – deeper than a traditional continuous curve, that way the curves overlap significantly in the corners adding some interest. A swirl was added at the end of each curve to take up some space. A ruler was used to make the deep curve.

Spin Class – Expanded Cornerstone Quilting

In these larger, expanded cornerstone areas, we filled the light area with swirls to reference the design on the smaller cornerstone areas. In the darker, background area, we simply marked points to divide the ends into 3 sections and quilted lines radiating from the corner to each point marked on the side – this time we used a ruler.

We hope you enjoyed this – we’ll be back with more quilting ideas, pattern-talk and tips & tricks as we work on expanding our blog!