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Coloring Sheet

Placement SKU Yardage
RS3025-12 Orchid
3 yards
Center Squares & Binding
RS3025-15 Navy
1-5/8 yards
RS3025-29 Gem
RS3025-22 Polar
RS3025-26 Bananas
RS3025-27 Peach
1-3/8 yard of each
Side Arches
RS3025-32 Ruby
RS3025-31 Strawberry
RS3025-23 Watercress
RS3025-14 Pecan
5/8 yard of each

One thought on “Reflections – Web Extras

  1. I’ve been making practice clocks and have a consistent problem with the last seam coming up short. I’ve tried to be completely accurate with cutting and with seams but I don’t k ow what to do. Any ideas? I have a photo but don’t know to upload it for you.

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